New Mexico Scientific

Vintage 8" Floppy Disks (NEW)

NEW - Well, never used

8_inch_floppy Imagine the questions you will be asked when you have one of these babies sitting around. Authentic 8inch Floppy Disks, never used.
They are Polaroid brand Single Sided Double Density SS/DD with sleeve

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$7.50 each

Vintage Engineered Electronics solid state tubes

Engineered Electronics Check out these vintage pre 1960's Tubes. Yet they are not tubes but solid state. Made by Engineered Electronics Company and used by industry and the military.

Image1 Image2 Image3
$22.00 each


Flat rate shipping to the US is currently $4.50 for orders $19.99 and under
and $10.50 for orders $49.99 and under.
However if you are placing an order that will obviously be under $10.50 (say 10 floppies) then e-mail me and I will reduce the shipping.